Following on from my post on mitigation licenses, there are tasks that we undertake the whole year round and not just in the summer months.

As licensed ecologists we can undertake Preliminary Ecological Appraisal and Preliminary Roost Assessments for the full twelve months of the year. This can help identify at the earliest opportunity any ecological issues that your site may encounter and help you to plan in advance. Some other surveys are time limited and so having this information up-front could save you both time and money! We also venture out on these bright colder days (and yes, we do got out when it’s grey, wet, windy or snowing too) to survey for otter and badger.

Autumn and winter is also the time when we send in our biological data to the local records centre (LRC), undertake in-house training and of course the obligatory Christmas staff social. This year will be a little different as we will be venturing out to Bristol for a spot of Escape Room adventure, cocktails and evening meal. Now, I’m comfortable with drink and food, but do not know what we have let ourselves in for as part of the pre-evening event. I’ll let you know in the New Year!