Bat Mitigation Licence

A Bat Mitigation Licence may be required where a development project has an impact on bats or a bat roost. As a bat specialist ecological consultancy, we can identify and advise on appropriate and proportionate mitigation measures. Supporting the delivery of your project.

Since 2018, the Bat Mitigation Class Licence (BMCL) application process has helped our clients get their project back on track. Wildwood Ecology has three registered ecological consultants (Richard Dodd, Alexandra Wilson and Ivi Szaboova) who can apply for these licences on your behalf. We are ideally placed to assist your project where individual or low numbers of bats are present, saving you both time and money. Licence applications can be quickly written, provided your surveys are up to date, and the assessment period could take less than two weeks!

Does your site qualify?

We can apply for a BMCL on your behalf if your project meets certain criteria:

• to disturb and capture up to 3 bat species (this now includes sites in Southern or South West England where serotine or lesser horseshoe are present)
• to damage or destroy up to 3 ‘low conservation status roosts’
• if your action has a low or temporary impact on bats or their roosts

Even if previous surveys have been undertaken by a different ecologist or consultancy we may be able to assist.

Where your site falls outside of the criteria for a low impact licence, we will be able to help you apply and obtain a full bat mitigation licence application. This applies if your project is based in Wales or England. A full mitigation licence application will normally take 30 working days to be reviewed, assessed and approved. We have a team of technical experts who can advise on the right level of mitigation, based on the survey results.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and let’s gte your project back on track!