Natural England Wildlife Licensing

Back in December 2018 Natural England gave details as to how they planned the formation of the new Natural England Wildlife Licensing Service (NEWLS) and how they will be implementing charges for mitigation licences in a phased manner from April 2019.

Background information: Where a development or activity affects a legally protected species a licence may be required in order for works to be lawfully undertaken. This could include works that would damage or destroy the habitats of, or disturb, a protected species. Find out how we can help you secure a mitigation licence.

Natural England are now aiming to implement the first phase of charges of their Natural England Wildlife Licensing Service with the dormouse mitigation licence from 1 April and for bat licences from 22 April. Implementation of charges for the badger licences is provisionally timetabled for May with great crested newts and other species to follow later in the year.

We are therefore advising our Clients of the above Natural England Wildlife Licensing Service charges and anticipate a high demand for completion and submission of current projects before the middle of April.

If you would benefit from applying before April 2019 then please do contact us as soon as possible to ensure we can meet your requirements and to avoid charges.

How we can help: Our specialists will prepare the mitigation licence application and detailed method statement on your behalf, consulting with relevant stakeholders as necessary. On approval of the licence we will implement the mitigation strategy and undertake any remaining ecological post-construction monitoring and reporting conditions. We have an excellent record of securing development licences enabling project works to proceed.

In certain circumstances some minor works can be undertaken without a licence. Our experienced team will work with you to provide reasonable avoidance measures and onward support. Contact us to find out more if this is a service we can offer you.