Bat EPS mitigation licence charges

In an update to our previous post, Natural England have now provided further details on bat EPS mitigation licence charges.

Charging for these licences will start on Monday April 22nd 2019. All licence applications submitted on that date or later will be subject to charges on issue of the licence, unless they meet one of the charge exemption criteria*.

For a ‘Full’ bat EPS mitigation licence, Natural England will charge the applicant a fixed price of £500. For a bat mitigation ‘Low impact’ class licence registration, Natural England will charge the applicant a fixed price of £130.

Please contact us today to see which bat EPS mitigation licence charge may be relevant for your project!

A Charge Form must be completed and submitted with the application form for ‘Full’ mitigation licence application, alongside any supporting material for every application, including those that meet one of the charge exemption criteria*.

NOTE: For more complex applications, there will be a variable charge made by Natural England based on an hourly rate of £101 (to the nearest quarter of an hour), plus a charge of £183 towards the cost of compliance monitoring. Any additional licence assessment work resulting from a Further Information Request (FIR) will also be charged at the hourly rate.

*Exemption criteria for Bat EPS Mitigation licence charges: licences and site registrations issued for certain purposes are exempt from charges. These are as follows:

1. householder home improvement projects, such as loft conversions, extensions, garages and conservatories or those not requiring any planning permission, for example under Generally Permitted Development;

2. preserving public health and safety;

3. preventing serious damage to property;

4. preventing the spread of disease;

5. science or education;

6. nature conservation;

7. historic building conservation;

8. conserving a bat roost(s) in situ.

For further information on Bat EPS mitigation licence charges, please see guidance by Natural England and their charge screening form (below).