How long is an ecological report valid for?

It is important that planning departments have the most up to date information when making decisions.

CIEEM have released an advice note detailing the lifespan of ecological surveys and reports which should help you decide if your information is still relevant or if you need further surveys carried out. You can read the full details here.

It is important that planning related decisions are based on up-to-date ecological reports and survey data. However, it is often difficult to set a specific time frame over which reports or survey data should be considered valid, as this will vary in different circumstances. In some cases there will be specific guidance on this (such as for the age of data which may be used to support an EPS licence application). In circumstances where such advice does not already exist, the professional body for ecologists and environmental managers (CIEEM) now provides the general advice set out in their guidance document.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the validity of your data and / or reports call our team now for advice.