Purpose-driven Ecological Consultancy: The triple bottom line

Traditional corporate governance practices tightly link the ‘purpose’ of business with maximising shareholder value. We were not comfortable with that and understand that our clients are increasingly looking to connect with businesses that go beyond the traditional norm of profit-driven purposefulness. That reflect their values and beliefs, treat their employees well, and focus on protecting the environment. This has led us to adopt “triple-bottom line” thinking (people, planet profit).

Becoming an ethical and independent ecological consultancy is extremely important to us and was a conscious decision we made through active consultation. Identifying as a B corporation was one way for us to publicly claim an identity as an ethical company, interested in both shareholder and stakeholder success. Having a clear purpose and identity helps us communicate our values to customers and distinguishes ourselves from traditional ecological consultancies.

Being an ethical ecological consultancy – a purpose-driven ecological consultancy: the triple bottom line – was an easy step for us to take. We were already delivering high quality advice to our clients and hold our staff as ‘high value’. However, we wanted to demonstrate our way of thinking beyond our own front door and be held accountable for our actions by our stakeholders.

Over the next few weeks we will reveal more about why we decided to publicly declare ourselves as a ‘Purpose-driven Ecological Consultancy’, what this actually means for our clients and what benefits this has for society and the environment.