Birthday ideas in lockdown

This is venturing away from my normal territory, but one that has been brought home to me by many of my friends and family.

There are many of us that have or will celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, or other life event during lockdown (I will be celebrating my own 10th wedding anniversary in May)! And so, we may be celebrating our significant event in either a more sombre affair or significantly curtailed. We now, more than ever, need something to look forward to. To celebrate and reflect upon once ‘this’ is all over with. So, how can we remember these milestones without the easy and deflating option of postponement?

Firstly, and this may take some planning, a personalised video. I have seen some great videos of people sharing stories about people, uploading them individually or collating them and setting the theme to music. Maybe you could design a theme based on what they like doing, such as dancing, singing or balloon modelling. Dress up. Tell a joke. Invite a local celebrity to wish them a happy birthday! Perhaps get people to bake a cake and time it so at the end of the video the doorbell rings and the cake is on the doorstep. I would love that!

If it is an option, then try camping/glamping in your garden or organising your own Glas’home’bury Festival or event. Maybe a virtual challenge between households or even a relay (you are going to have to think innovatively here). Host your own Olympic Games or Tournament! If the garden is out of the question, then maybe dress up one room (or more if you have the space) or garage as your venue of choice?

Finally, if you are feeling adventurous, then how about organising a hike (check which country you are in to ensure this is possible). Find new areas in and around where you live that you have never explored before. Make a list of places you would like to go once lockdown is fully over with. Explore nature and those valued green spaces we need to treasure for future generations. Do something you feel slightly silly doing. Be bold and go out with face paint or fancy dress. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace this strange day you are celebrating. Record the event and share with friends and family. Believe it or not, hardly any of us are acting ‘normally’ now and you are highly likely to make many more people smile than you realise. That is what we’re doing for our wedding anniversary!

I hope this has inspired you to go ahead with your celebration and not postpone a cherished moment. Make the most of today. Tomorrow is too far away and the end of lockdown is, well, who knows!