Continuing Professional Development for Architects: Ecology

Our Continuing Professional Development workshops for Architects, Landscape Architects and Planning Consultants in Ecology have been well received in 2020.

It all started from a request from a Local Planning Authority (LAP) in Wales who wanted to provide support for their planning department in identifying potential issues with protected species following the introduction of a new piece of European Legislation.

The training was a huge success for the LPA, and we had some excellent feedback including an off-the-cuff remark, “that’s great, can you get all our applicants trained up now too?” Well, that got us thinking. Perhaps we should provide an insight into ecology for planning and development professionals too.

Free CPD

So, for the past twenty years Wildwood Ecology has provided free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training and support to a range of architectural, landscape and planning consultancy practices across England and Wales. Evolving over time, our courses remain as popular as ever, not surprisingly, as most are free! Where a practice has a particular challenge, perhaps with new ecological principals, such as Biodiversity Net Gain, we can provide bespoke training.

Where are sessions held?

In previous years, all CPD training and support has taken place at our clients’ offices, but in 2020 Covid-19 has meant a shift to online. Our training sessions are usually held over a lunchtime and include the following topics:

  • Legislation and Planning Policy
  • Protected Sites and Species
  • Ecological Surveys and Mitigation

What’s included?

Delegates receive free planning and ecology tools that help them plan more effectively and get their projects back on track. We also provide a copy of the presentation and an attendance certificate. For those clients who seek our expertise on specific case studies, such as sites and projects where bat surveys are required, there is opportunity to do so.


Our latest training session was in December for Jonathan Cook Landscape Architects Ltd. Natalie Simmons (Associate Landscape Architect) commented “The Planning and Ecology CPD gave us a thorough overview of the importance of ecological designations and their legislative context. Richard made a complex subject accessible, and we found the content to be well balanced between technical knowledge and the broader perspective.”

I asked what they found of most value and Natalie reported that “The case study references were really useful, and Richard’s knowledge and passion for ecology made for a wide-ranging and interesting discussion. We would thoroughly recommend the session.”

More in 2021

The year 2021 will see major changes for the environment – movement in domestic policy and legislation across the UK countries and Ireland, implications of the UK leaving the EU, a new global biodiversity framework, and governments reviewing international climate action. All of this has never been higher on the public and political agendas.

If you are an architect, landscape architect, planning consultant or local planning authority and would like to book your Continuing Professional Development in Ecology, then please get in touch. Simply email [email protected] and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time.

Richard Dodd, Principal Ecologist