Our experience of BREEAM projects covers different development types ranging from individual homes to large-scale industrial and commercial developments. We work in close association with the project team, including landscape designers and architects, to develop appropriate planting schemes and maximise the credit points available for a positive change in ecological value.

Credit points are available within Land Use and Ecology (BREEAM) categories. Usually, these credits are only available following an ecological appraisal undertaken by a ‘Suitably Qualified Ecologist’ (SQE)*. Our ecologists meet the SQE definition and will assess the site’s current ecological value, identifying where and how features of ecological value should be retained, protected, and enhanced for biodiversity.

Appraisal reports provide clear and concise recommendations to maximise ecological credits where available, through simple and cost-effective solutions. We can also design long-term management plans to ensure sustainable steps are taken to benefit biodiversity.

* The BRE define a Suitably Qualified Ecologist as an individual who: 1) holds a degree or equivalent qualification (e.g. N/SVQ level 5) in ecology or a related subject; 2) is a practising ecologist, with a minimum of three years relevant experience (within the last five years); and 3) is covered by a professional code of conduct and subject to peer review, including the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

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Our major update to the BatNav KML Generator software has now been released! The software now runs on any Windows PC, has finer control over the time range of the data to be exported, and produces fully compliant KML files.

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Dr Alexandra Pollard – Ecologist

Ph.D., B.Sc. (Hons.), MCIEEM

Alex studied Zoology at Liverpool University, graduating in 2004 with a first class honours degree. She went on to study Environmental Law and Policy at Cardiff School of Lifelong Learning before embarking on her PhD (Visual constraints on bird behaviour) at Cardiff University.  Alex was awarded a Cardiff School of Biosciences Maximising Impact Award 2011, for taking research to a wider audience than would be normally expected and is a STEM Ambassador, giving regular assemblies and workshops to school children on aspects of conservation and animal behaviour. Alex is a member of Science Alliance Cymru, which serves to collaborate and raise the awareness of scientific engagement events across Wales.

Alex is highly experienced in undertaking ornithological surveys, proficient in botanical classification to NVC level, and is a licensed batecologist in Wales and England.


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