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People and Planet

We understand the frustration you feel when your development grinds to a halt due to unexpected findings of bats or a great crested newt.  We know your overwhelming pressure to deliver the project on time and within budget.

Wildwood Ecology helps architects, planning consultants and aspirational individuals navigate their way through planning to create inspirational sustainable developments.  Providing expert ecological advice and with 100% success rate in obtaining protected species mitigation licences, we help keep your project on track and guarantee the best outcome for both people and the planet.

Let us help you get your project back on track

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Win-win solutions that benefit people and planet

Ecological Appraisal

We can help get your project back on track providing the right ecological appraisal to suit your proposal and timescale. We will resolve any ecologial constraints found on site and identify opportunities to help you restore biodiversity loss.

Protected Species Surveys

Wildlife legislation for an overwhelming number of protected species (including bats, badgers, newts, reptiles or birds) can be highly complex and lead to significant delays for your project. We can help resolve any ecological constraints found onsite and identify any opportunities to restore natural habitats.

Mitigation Design and Licences

Where a development is likely to impact protected sites, habitats or species, professional advice is required to keep the project on track. We will prepare, review, and submit all the necessary technical information to ensure that any delays are avoided.

Biodiversity Net Gain

We understand time is critical to your project and navigating biodiversity credits, ecological enhancements or biodiversity net gain can be difficult. We will identify, map, and calculate biodiversity losses and gains and provide appropriate designs at all stages of planning and development.

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Experts in ecological surveys

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