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Vision and Values

Our Vision

Wildwood Ecology actively supports and promotes sustainable development and excellence within the built environment. We strive to protect the natural environment, restore biodiversity loss, and address the climate emergency, so that future generations may prosper.

Do well by doing good

Having a positive impact on people and planet goes hand-in-hand with commercial success.  We therefore actively support and promote sustainable development and excellence within the built environment by providing ethical environmental solutions that benefit all. By doing this, we will leave our planet in a better state so that future generations may prosper.

We also recognise that occasionally our values may contradict each other.  Decisions will not always have a clear winner.  When in doubt, we choose to do the right thing for the natural environment.

Collaboration over competition

We all have a shared responsibility and great things happen when we work together.  Ideas may often originate from good individuals, but innovation and ingenuity are achieved by great groups.

Creativity and tenacity are also critical to our success.  We love working with people who will find a way through when obstacles arise and who bring fresh ideas to old and new problems alike.

Amy Williams Schwartz

Make work enjoyable

We spend a lot of our time in the work environment.  There’s a lot of great stuff we need to do!  So, we want to build a friendly, inclusive, and supportive environment where people can shine and truly be themselves.

We therefore value and respect honesty, opinions, biases, and perspectives that differ from our own; and we reward people fairly for the contributions they make regardless of their background, gender, culture, or any other dimensions of a person’s identity.