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Bird and Barn Owl Surveys

All wild birds are protected by law in England and Wales

Bird and barn owl surveys

All wild birds (resident, visiting, and introduced species) are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) in England and Wales. Specially protected ‘Schedule 1’ birds, such as the barn owl, receive additional protection over and above that afforded to other wild birds.

Where impacts to birds is considered likely (such as disturbance to birds or loss of their foraging or nesting sites), then an appropriate survey is designed. For example, a development near a lake or reservoir where waterbirds are present may require a breeding, nesting, or migratory/winter bird survey to be carried out. On the completion of all surveys then appropriate mitigation or compensation measures can be designed and implemented.

There are restricted times of the year when certain surveys are possible. 

Download our free survey calendar to ensure that surveys are scheduled to form part of your timescale.