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Reptile Surveys

Reptiles are protected from killing and injury

Reptile surveys

Where impacts to reptiles is likely then surveys to establish which species are present and the population size will be required to inform a suitable mitigation strategy. Surveys for reptiles are relatively straightforward to carry out, but there are restricted times of the year when this is possible. 

Survey methods include the distribution and setting down of ‘artificial reptile refugia’ followed by checks for the presence of reptiles including slow worm, common lizard, sand lizard, grass snake, adder, and smooth snake. If sand lizard or smooth snake are found, then a mitigation licence may be required.

Reptile mitigation strategy

Where confirmed present then a detailed reptile mitigation strategy will be required. We will liaise with you on the delivery timescales of your project and advise on certain timing or phasing of works, pre-commencement vegetation management and any special measures required, such as reptile fencing or off-site translocation.

Download our free survey calendar to ensure that surveys are scheduled to form part of your timescale.