Case Studies

Ecological Survey and Low Impact Mitigation Licence for bats, Bournemouth (Dorset)

Sector: Commercial and Residential

Client: Quantum Group

Location: Bournemouth, Dorset


Land in Kinson, Bournemouth has been obtained for the demolition of a former NHS care clinic and erection of a specialist dementia residential 78-bedroom care home (Class C2) with roof terrace areas and ancillary buildings. A landscape plan and new car parking areas are also to be provided.

Before a planning application could be submitted the client needed to carry out a preliminary ecological appraisal and protected species surveys for bats.

On behalf of the client Wildwood Ecology:

  • Guided the client to agree a rapid survey programme and methodology going forwards.
  • Provided a preliminary ecological appraisal that identified at an early stage ecological issues relating to nesting birds, reptiles, hedgehog, bats and an adjacent local nature reserve.
  • Undertook dusk emergence and pre-dawn roost surveys.
  • Provided advice on the legal and planning policy issues and recommendations on how to address these.
  • Completed a comprehensive biodiversity mitigation plan setting out proportionate compensation and enhancement measures for an identified bat roost and low population of common reptiles.
  • Obtained a Low Impact Class Licence for bats that enabled the demolition to be lawfully undertaken.
  • Acted as the ecological clerk of work during a destructive search for reptiles and during the demolition of the building.


Full planning permission obtained and site clearance works completed with no impact on bats or reptiles.

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