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Preliminary Ecological

Our Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) or Preliminary Ecological Appraisal Lite (PEAL)* can assist with your planning proposal or land purchase by:

  • Identifying the presence or likely absence of protected species or habitats;
  • Providing guidance on wildlife legislation obligations and Local Planning Authority (LPA) and Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (SNCO) requirements;
  • Making appropriate ecological recommendations for further actions in order to progress the development;
  • Outlining the benefits of protecting, managing and enhancing a site’s biodiversity value.

The PEA can also be adapted to maximise the ecological credits under the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) or equivalent accreditation, or as a supporting document to a Parkland Management Plan under the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme.

For further information on our Preliminary Ecological Appraisal or protected species surveys contact us today.

*A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal may also be known as a Baseline Ecological Survey, a Phase 1 or Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey or a Constraints Survey, an Ecological Site Assessment, an Ecological Site Appraisal, an Ecological Scoping Survey or an Ecological Site Walkover Survey.

Planning and development

The ecological impact of any development, from small scale barn conversions to national infrastructure projects, should be considered at the planning stage and Wildwood Ecology can provide the ecological solutions for your project whatever it may be.

It is vital that the ecology of your site is considered at the earliest possible stage allowing time for surveys and assessments to be undertaken at optimal times thus reducing costs and minimising the risk of future delays due to inadequate information.

Wildwood Ecology can assist with all ecological planning issues on projects of any scale, from protected species surveys through to European Protected Species licence applications and liaison with the licensing bodies (Natural Resources Wales and Natural England) and we can provide specialist input to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). We have good working relationships with the licensing bodies and Statutory Nature Conservation Organisations (SNCOs) and are experienced with working closely with all parties.

All our ecologists are professionally trained, highly experienced, and members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

Download our Free Wildwood Ecology Survey Calendar or Wildwood Ecology Mitigation Calendar or Wildwood Ecology Planning Flow Chart to help you plan ahead.

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