Bat Surveys

Wildwood Ecology are bat specialists

Bat Surveys

Wildwood Ecology are bat specialists with a team of highly experienced and licensed bat ecologists able to undertake surveys, training, and licence applications to assist you with your project.

Preliminary Roost Assessment

Our involvement typically starts with a Preliminary Roost Assessment (PRA). The objective of this daytime assessment (sometimes referred to as a bat scoping survey) is to establish likely absence or the presence of bats from either buildings, trees and structures. It’s coordinated by a licensed bat ecologist using specialist equipment and in accordance with the latest published guidance. All structures, other than those with negligible suitability, may require additional bat emergence surveys. This service can be carried out at any time of the year.

Bat emergence surveys

A bat emergence survey, or phase/stage 2 survey are dusk or dawn surveys where surveyors observe the exit or entry of bats using specialist equipment, including bat detectors, thermal imaging or infra-red cameras and data loggers.

Surveys are restricted to the months between May and September (download our free survey calendar). The objective is to confirm the number and species of bat using a feature and how they use it, so proportionate mitigation or compensation measures can be implemented under a mitigation licence.

If bats are known, or likely, to be on a development site the earlier you contact us the better to minimise any delays and costs to your project.

Download our free survey calendar to ensure that surveys are scheduled to form part of your timescale.